Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs Logo have 2 colors in their flag which are BROWN(#381507) and GOLD(#AC923C).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.


The Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs signify a number of things, depending on the context. Here are some of the most common interpretations:


  • University identity: The Mustangs are the athletic teams of Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). They represent the university in various intercollegiate sports, competing in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC).
  • Pride and tradition: The Mustangs have a long and proud history of athletic success, with several NCAA tournament appearances and conference championships across different sports. They are a symbol of the university’s athletic spirit and tradition.
  • Community engagement: The Mustangs are a source of pride and community engagement for the southwest Minnesota region. They provide entertainment and excitement for fans and alumni, and their success reflects positively on the entire community.


  • Student achievement: The Mustangs also represent the academic achievements of SMSU students. The university boasts a strong academic program and is committed to providing students with a quality education.
  • Opportunity and access: SMSU is a public university known for its affordability and accessibility. The Mustangs represent the opportunity for students from all backgrounds to pursue their educational goals.
  • Diversity and inclusion: SMSU is a diverse institution with a strong commitment to inclusivity. The Mustangs represent the university’s welcoming environment and its commitment to fostering a sense of belonging for all students.


  • Strength and determination: The Mustang is a symbol of strength, agility, and determination. These qualities are reflected in the athletic and academic achievements of SMSU students and faculty.
  • Resilience and adaptability: Mustangs are known for their ability to endure harsh conditions and adapt to changing environments. This reflects the university’s commitment to resilience and its ability to adapt to the changing needs of the world.
  • Community spirit: Mustangs are known for their strong sense of community and their willingness to work together towards a common goal. This reflects the collaborative spirit of SMSU and its commitment to serving the southwest Minnesota region.

Ultimately, the significance of the Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs is multifaceted and depends on the individual’s perspective. They are a symbol of athletic excellence, academic achievement, and community spirit, reflecting everything that makes SMSU a special place.

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Flag of Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs Logo

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