Sherbrooke Phoenix Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Sherbrooke Phoenix Logo have 2 colors in their flag which are BLUE(#051B54) and LIGHT YELLOW(#F8F2D7).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.


The “Sherbrooke Phoenix” name and emblem hold several layers of meaning:


  • Phoenix: This mythical bird is known for its ability to rise from the ashes, reborn after death. This symbolizes Sherbrooke’s resilience, having recovered from the loss of previous hockey teams (Castors in 2003) to establish the Phoenix in 2012.

City of Sherbrooke:

  • Sherbrooke: The team’s name directly connects it to the city it represents, fostering a sense of local pride and identity.

New Beginnings and Hope:

  • Phoenix: The idea of rising from the ashes signifies new beginnings, hope, and potential. This reflects the team’s aspirations to achieve success and bring glory to Sherbrooke.

Colors and Imagery:

  • Red, white, and black: These colors evoke passion, determination, and sophistication, aligning with the team’s spirit and ambitions.
  • Logo: The logo features a stylized phoenix with flaming wings, further emphasizing the mythological symbol and its connotations of rebirth and power.

In essence, the Sherbrooke Phoenix name and symbolism represent much more than just a hockey team. It embodies the city’s spirit of resilience, hope for the future, and unwavering pride in its identity.

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