Plattsburgh State University Cardinals Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Plattsburgh State University Cardinals Logo have 4 colors in their flag which are BLACK(#000000), RED(#D01C2E), WHITE(#FFFFFF) and YELLOW(#F7E110).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.

The Plattsburgh State University Cardinals are the athletic teams representing Plattsburgh State University in Plattsburgh, New York. They compete in the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) at the NCAA Division III level.

Significance of the Cardinals:

  • Symbol of Strength and Determination: Cardinals are known for their bright red plumage, intelligence, and strong flight capabilities. These qualities are often associated with athletic prowess, determination, and a fighting spirit, making them an apt mascot for the Plattsburgh State athletes.
  • Local Connection: The cardinal bird is a common sight in the Adirondack region of New York, where Plattsburgh is located. Choosing the cardinal as the mascot connects the university’s athletic teams to the local community and environment.
  • Rich Athletic History: Plattsburgh State Cardinals have a long and successful athletic history, particularly in ice hockey. The men’s ice hockey team has won three NCAA Division III national championships (1987, 1992, and 2001) and 18 SUNYAC championships. The women’s ice hockey team has also been highly successful, winning six SUNYAC championships and reaching the NCAA tournament several times.
  • Unifying Symbol for the University: The Cardinals represent not just the athletes but the entire Plattsburgh State University community. They are a source of pride and school spirit for students, faculty, staff, and alumni alike.

Beyond Athletics:

The Plattsburgh State University Cardinals are more than just a sports team. They represent the values of hard work, dedication, and teamwork that are important to the university community. They also serve as ambassadors for Plattsburgh State, promoting the university’s academic and athletic programs to a wider audience.

Overall, the Plattsburgh State University Cardinals are a significant symbol of the university’s athletic tradition, local connection, and community spirit.

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Flag of Plattsburgh State University Cardinals Logo

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