Medaille College Mavericks Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Medaille College Mavericks Logo have 4 colors in their flag which are NAVY(#002B5E), WHITE(#FFFFFF), ORANGE(#FFC423) and BLUE(#679AC9).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.

Unfortunately, as of today, January 19, 2024, the Medaille College Mavericks no longer exist. However, I can still help you understand the “significance” of the team during its active years:


  • The Medaille College Mavericks were the athletic teams representing Medaille College, a private college in Rochester, New York.
  • The Mavericks competed in NCAA Division III athletics through the Empire 8 conference.
  • The team name “Mavericks” held several potential meanings:
    • Independent and rebellious: Mavericks are known for being nonconformists and going against the grain, a potential reflection of the college’s values or spirit.
    • Skillful and agile: Mavericks are also associated with skilled and adaptable individuals, possibly representing the athletic prowess of the teams.
    • Local connection: The term “maverick” has historical roots in Texas, potentially aligning with the college’s geographical location in the eastern United States.


  • The Mavericks provided numerous student-athletes with the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level, fostering athletic development and a sense of community.
  • The teams achieved various successes throughout their history, including conference championships, individual player accolades, and memorable moments for fans and alumni.
  • The Mavericks likely played a role in shaping the school’s identity and fostering a sense of pride among students, faculty, and the wider community.

Current Situation:

  • In July 2023, Medaille College was acquired by Trocaire College, and the athletic program is undergoing a transition.
  • While the “Medaille University Athletics” website still exists, it is unclear if the “Mavericks” name will be retained for the future athletic teams.
  • Whether a new mascot or identity is chosen, the legacy of the Medaille College Mavericks and their significance for the institution will likely remain an important part of the school’s history.

I hope this information provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the “significance” of the Medaille College Mavericks, even though their existence as a team came to an end in 2023.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Flag of Medaille College Mavericks Logo

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