Felician University Golden Falcons Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Felician University Golden Falcons Logo have 2 colors in their flag which are GREEN(#2E4606) and YELLOW(#FFDD46).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.

The name “Felician University Golden Falcons” carries several layers of significance:

Felician University: This refers to the institution itself, a Franciscan university in New Jersey founded by the Felician Sisters in 1942. It highlights the university’s values and heritage, emphasizing its commitment to Catholic education and Franciscan ideals.

Golden Falcons: This is the university’s athletic mascot, a symbol of strength, agility, and determination. Falcons are known for their keen eyesight, speed, and predatory prowess, all qualities associated with successful athletes. The “Golden” adds a touch of grandeur and regality, suggesting excellence and accomplishment.

Combined Significance: When these two elements come together, they create a powerful image of a university that fosters both academic and athletic excellence. The Golden Falcons represent the Felician spirit – driven, determined, and soaring towards victory, both on the field and in the classroom.

Here’s a breakdown of the specific meanings:

  • Felician: Franciscan values of compassion, service, and intellectual curiosity.
  • University: A place of higher learning, offering diverse academic opportunities.
  • Golden: Excellence, achievement, and a touch of regality.
  • Falcons: Strength, agility, predatory instincts, keen vision, and success.

Together, they paint a picture of a university where students can develop their minds, bodies, and spirits, all while striving for personal and collective triumph.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Felician University or the Golden Falcons.

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Flag of Felician University Golden Falcons Logo

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