Binghamton Bearcats Logo Flag Color Codes HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL & HSV

Binghamton Bearcats Logo have 4 colors in their flag which are DEEP GREEN(#005A43), GREEN(#169B62), RED(#BF0D3E) and COOL GRAY(#B1B3B3).

The Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HSL color codes are in the table below.

The Binghamton Bearcats logo is a symbol of pride, prowess, and the university’s unwavering spirit. It features a stylized wildcat with a fierce expression and dynamic pose, set against a backdrop of deep green and white. The logo is prominently displayed on the university’s athletic uniforms, facilities, and merchandise, serving as a unifying emblem for the entire Bearcat community.

History of the Logo

The Binghamton Bearcats logo has undergone several iterations since its inception, reflecting the university’s evolving identity and branding strategies. The original logo, introduced in the 1920s, featured a more realistic depiction of a wildcat, with a detailed outline and natural fur patterns. However, as the university’s athletic program expanded and its presence grew, the need for a more stylized and recognizable logo emerged.

In 2000, the university commissioned SME Design, a New York City-based design firm, to create a new logo that would capture the essence of the Bearcat spirit. The resulting design, which has remained largely unchanged since its introduction, features a stylized wildcat with a more aggressive posture and simplified features. The streamlined design enhanced the logo’s visibility and adaptability across various applications, making it a more effective symbol for the university’s growing brand.

Description of the Logo

The Binghamton Bearcats logo is a striking visual representation of the university’s athletic identity. The stylized wildcat stands confidently on its hind legs, its front legs raised in a powerful pose that suggests agility and readiness. The wildcat’s tail curls upward, adding a sense of balance and dynamism to the overall composition.

The wildcat’s features are simplified yet expressive, with sharp eyes, a determined mouth, and a sleek, muscular body. The design’s emphasis on geometric shapes and clean lines enhances the logo’s memorability and adaptability, ensuring its effectiveness across various media and applications.

The deep green color, a hallmark of the university’s branding, serves as the primary background for the logo. This bold shade of green represents the university’s growth, vitality, and commitment to sustainability. The white lettering, prominently displaying the word “Binghamton” above the wildcat, provides a contrasting element that enhances legibility and adds a sense of elegance to the overall design.

Color Meaning

The colors used in the Binghamton Bearcats logo hold symbolic significance, representing the university’s values and aspirations:

  • Deep Green: Deep green represents growth, vitality, and the university’s commitment to sustainability. It symbolizes the university’s thriving academic environment, its dedication to environmental stewardship, and its enduring legacy.

  • White: White embodies purity, integrity, and the boundless potential of the university’s students and faculty. It represents the university’s commitment to upholding high ethical standards, its pursuit of academic excellence, and its belief in the limitless possibilities for its students.

Usage of the Logo

The Binghamton Bearcats logo is extensively used throughout the university’s athletic program, appearing on athletic uniforms, facilities, and promotional materials. It serves as a unifying symbol for the university’s athletic teams and their supporters, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among the Bearcat community.

Beyond athletics, the logo is also prominently displayed on the university’s website, signage, and merchandise. It has become an integral part of the university’s branding identity, recognized by alumni, students, and prospective students worldwide.


The Binghamton Bearcats logo is a powerful symbol of the university’s pride, prowess, and unwavering spirit. Its stylized design, bold color choices, and symbolic meaning effectively capture the essence of the Bearcat community and the university’s commitment to excellence. The logo has become an enduring emblem of the university’s identity, fostering a sense of unity and pride among all Bearcats.

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